About us

Welcome to the one of leading centers for children and adolescents with ASD and neurodevelopmental disorders in the Czech Republic. 

  • We work with the O.T.A. method, which has been developed and tested here. 
  • We also use other available methods effective in ASD.
  • Parents are an integral part of the therapeutic process and learn to work effectively with their child in the Autism Therapy Center.

Who are we?

The Autism Therapy Center deals with a therapy that positively affects the child's condition and the functioning of his family. You will find here a complex of child-centered services for childre from 9 months of age to adulthood, up to 19 years of age. 

Experienced university-educated professionals (special pedagogues and psychologists, psychotherapists, and video trainers) lead our therapies. New colleagues are trained here; we supervise many workplaces in 10 regions of the Czech Republic. 

We cooperate with clinical speech therapists, child psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and pediatric practitioners, with early care counselors.