O.T.A. Open Therapy of Autism

A comprehensive therapeutic approach developed for children with pervasive developmental disorder, neurodevelopmental, and behavioral disorders, based on the latest neuroscience findings and applying modern theories crucial for these disorders.

The method is based on analysis and microanalysis of behavior and on the principles of contact and successful communication as defined by the evidence-based method of Video Training of Positive Interactions of VTI (VIG Abroad). It prefers to establish a therapist - child, parent - child relationship, which it uses as a framework for behavioral work using visualization and feedback.

The method is focused on the behavior of the child as defined by the ABA-based evidence-based method but is based primarily on supporting attachment behavior - the basis for setting the primary intersubjectivity that awakens internal motivation (Trevarthen).

The method includes support and guidance of the child's family and the possibility of generalization of new skills into the home environment.

The method emphasizes the specific techniques of work according to the level and age of the child, and the therapeutic plan and works with the family based on an individual approach. We use O.T.A., but we also combine it with VTI. From the age of 30 months, we often use the TEACCH program and most of the 28 evidence-based ABA techniques.

Individual development of the necessary skills and inclusion in group work and cooperation training is significant.

The method was developed during a direct work of clinical and later school speech therapist, in a direct work in families using the VTI method (R.Straussová). Since 2012, this method developed as a unique in the Autism Therapy Centre, where it is also verified. Other centers in the Czech Republic are trained in O.T.A. and many organizations are supervised (since 2018 also organizations in Slovakia)

The effectiveness of the therapy was verified in several studies, among others in the pilot project of VZP ČR on a group of ten children of the control and ten children of the intervention group, which worked for six months in the intensive treatment of O.T.A. (4h weekly) while working with their family.

A longitudinal study of the effectiveness of the early intervention O.T.A. continued at the Faculty of Education, Charles University Prague in 2011 - 2016 on a group of 16 children. Another large-scale randomized study to verify O.T.A. in the Czech Republic.