Toddler Therapy

A child with developmental disabilities requires professional guidance and care from a developmental psychologist. O.T.A. uses the latest knowledge of neuroscience and developmental psychology. It is based not only on the theory of mind but also on the theory of mirror neurons, which was defined as a theory essential for autism by prof. Baron-Cohen of the University of Cambridge. O.T.A's Intersubjectivity Theory is crucial for opening up a healthy toddler development. An integral part of this work is the optimization of attachment behavior. Working with the theory of mind and some behavioral approaches to setting limits are essential for working with toddlers.

As a toddler´s therapy we use Early Intervation O.T.A. method

Mirroring in infancy is linked to the development of essential skills.

Modern research has shown that it has a very fundamental effect on the healthy development of a child.

For a child with impaired development, it helps to create the necessary conditions for restoring health.