Therapies in C)T)A) 

We use the latest findings of neuroscience and psychology in therapies. We cooperate with leading experts in the field of child psychiatry, psychology and clinical speech therapy. All our colleagues are trained in the O.T.A. method

Therapeutic procedures are based on the developmental aspect and on the analysis of the child's behavior, on the scientific disciplines of special pedagogical, psychological and applied behavioral analysis - ABA.

Our therapy is also based on the principles and procedures of the TEACCH program and other 28 evidence-based techniques.

When preparing a therapeutic plan, we use a developmental aspect with regard to the child's zone of proximal development. We choose the work plan according to the methodology of gradual steps corresponding to the child's development.

Our therapies are generally held in Czech language.


A unique method developed directly in C)T)A) whose effectiveness has been verified by large research studies. It combines techniques according to the level and age of the child. It works with the whole family system.

Clinical speech therapy

Experienced clinical speech therapists work in our center. They deal with children with a difficult speech therapy diagnosis, disorders of speech development, autism spectrum disorder and other problems.


Experienced colleagues in the field of ergotherapy work with our children's clients in the ergotherapy room equipped with special therapeutic aids.

Toddler´s therapy

For toddlers up to 36 months when entering the therapy, we primarily work with the Early Intervention O.T.A. method, which is currently provided within the Social Activation Service.

Therapy of children older than 3 years

For older children, we offer individual and group O.T.A. therapies, communication skills training, pair play training, and more. Consultations with parents are included.

Family-parent-sibling therapy

In various ways, we help families to cope with the difficult situation the family is going through due to the child's health difficulties.


Also in C)T)A) we use some techniques based on ABA during our work, especially in individual therapies and clinical speech therapy.