Child therapy 

We provide therapy for children from 3 to 19 years old. In therapy. We use O.T.A. attitude-driven approaches and VTI principles of successful social communication based on a microanalysis of the child's behavior. We look for and strengthen functional patterns of behavior and involve a combination of behavioral techniques based on ABA, we also use visualization and the TEACCH program. The work of an O.T.A. therapist is based on the therapist-child relationship, which helps to activate the child's initiative based on the principles of intersubjectivity. Communication development procedures are based on many years of work with children with ASD, developmental dysphasia and the deaf.

All therapies for the child are provided in cooperation with the family. The aim is also cooperation with school facilities.

REGULAR CONSULTATIONS WITH PARENTS are an integral part of these therapies.

Consultations are mandatory for parents and are always part of the therapies package.

Therapy offer for children from 3 years old

Individual and group therapy O.T.A. for children 12-19 years old

Methodology based on the principles of contact and successful communication according to VTI methodology with elements of group work based on behavioral approaches.

Work techniques are chosen individually according to the order of the parents, but usually also of the child.

Group exercises of social communication skills using video-feedback

Four verbal children who have already mastered the skill of the game are learning social communication and the rules of working in a group. Suitable for children from 6 years. 

If the child is not receiving another service, an initial assessment of behavior, play and communication skills must be included.

Cooperation exercises in the game in pairs

For children who are starting to play independently, socialization training and the ability to share the game with others is suitable. During these exercises, it is not necessary for the children to be verbal, they communicate with each other through gestures, non-verbal communication with eventually emerging words. Video feedback is used to fix good behavior.

Intensive four-hour therapy

It takes place in the form of both 1:1 individual therapeutic work and group work, where the group is led by the main therapist and the child's therapist supports the child with motivation and strengthens his behavior. It includes individual speech therapy work with each child.

Communication therapy O.T.A.

It takes place in the presence of a parent, possibly also a sibling. It lasts 90 minutes and is focused on the child's motivation and ability to communicate about attractive activities, games or rewards. The goal is vocalization, or alternative communication systems. If necessary, orofacial massage stimulation is included.

Individual short-term therapy O.T.A.

Therapy aimed at supporting weakened areas of the child's development. The parent is present. A previous special pedagogical assessment of the developmental level in individual areas is appropriate.